Review: “Victory Disc” by Andrew Cartmel

Victory Disc is the third book of “The Vinyl Detective” series. I read the second book (The Runout Groove) last year and enjoyed it enough to lay down some money for this year’s release. “The Vinyl Detective” is written from a first-person Perspective.

The cover art of Victory Disc
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It has all the same supporting characters: Nevada, Tinkler, Clean Head, and the two cats. Sorry, I can’t remember their names and I don’t like cats well enough to try to remember their names.

The Vinyl Detective has followers to his blog. This blog? Not so much. He blogs about his hobby of collecting vinyl records.

Again, this time our protagonist’s search for collectible records morphs into a confrontation with some unsavory characters. Some are promiscuous, and some are violent.

The setting is in London, England. The detective and his girlfriend, Nevada have been hired by one of his blog’s readers.  After the detective’s cat finds a rare 78 rpm Victory Disc from the World War II era, he makes a post about it on his blog. A reader became a client when she responded to the post with a personal visit. She commissions him to find other discs by the same band.

Collectors of anything sometimes discover some unsettling history that relates to the owners and the creators of their finds. During the climax of the story, there is a pleasing plot twist.

Tinkler is a humerus as always. Nevada is as eloquent and resourceful as ever. This novel has a light a fun read. I highly recommend it.


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