Exposure to Monsanto’s Chemicals: Second person reports

The victims

I know a guy who was directly affected by Agent Orange. Another close acquaintance is a woman, whose father suffered long after a grain elevator explosion covered him in Aldrin.  The US banned Aldrin since 1987. Agent Orange is one of many herbicides used in Vietnam between 1961 to 1971. Both were produced by Monsanto.

The guy I know is a US Army veteran. He was a sniper in Vietnam. His cancer is in remission. Agent Orange has active ingredient: dioxin. Dioxins are carcinogens. Monsanto claims that it was only one of nine producers of agent orange and that the US military was responsible for any damages. Monsanto continues to deny any link to cancer.

Monsanto also produces the popular weed killer Roundup. In August of 2018, a man was awarded a 289 million dollar damage verdict that ruled his cancer was caused by prolonged exposure to Roundup.

Aldrin has been labeled as a probable cause of cancer by the EPA. The woman’s father was working at a grain elevator when he was covered from head to toe with Aldrin. He wasn’t wearing protective clothing and there were no decontamination showers at the site. He drove home still covered in the chemical. He was not aware that the toxic chemical could enter his body through his skin. He died of cancer.

The Cover-up

After years of medical treatment, the women’s family subpoenaed for his medical records to obtain compensation for his bills. Somehow the medical records disappeared.

Elaborate outdoor shopping mall is backdrop to an ornate fountain
JC Nichols Fountain at the Country Club Plaza.

It was for these people that I took an active role in forming the March Against Monsanto. It took place in May 2013 at the JC Nichols Fountain in downtown Kansas City Missouri. We had an informational festival that included face painting for kids and live music. It all culminated in a march of over 1000 protesters through the Country Club Plaza.  

informational piceting
The US government’s oversight of Monsanto is lacking




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