Let’s Write a Short Story

I’ve read my share of books on how to write creatively. I fall into the category of people who enjoy reading cookbooks but don’t ever get around to cooking. It seems I don’t ever get around to writing. I don’t finish reading more books than I finish. I think the odds of finishing “Let’s Write a Short Story” are pretty good. The book is about the size of the palm of my hand and it’s only about 90 pages long. Even Donal Trump should be able to complete it in-between tweet storms.

The book is by Joe Bunting who inspires and educates newbies like me on the writing craft through his website The Write Practice. 

In the introduction to “Let’s Write a Short Story” Bunting challenges the reader to submit a short story for publication before the end of the month.

As proof that I have met the challenge, I will publish the story on this blog, and I will post where I submitted it to.

My girlfriend, Laura, seems to be a more creative dreamer than I am. She also has the ability to remember her dreams. When I told her about my plans to write a short story, she gave me a story beginning that is one of her favorite dreams. She’s the only person I know who can dream in the third person point of view. She wasn’t a participant in the dream that she told me about.

I checked my hard drive and I once wrote a summary of the plot for a novel:

Indian Ghosts kidnap our protagonist from her campsite set in present day rural Wisconsin.  While she is “under their spell” setting changes to frontier times. The reason that they kidnap her is unknown to her for all of the canoe ride down the river.  Only after an adventurous trip does she find out that they want her to save a sick child in their village.

attrape-rêve fait maison par ma squaw...
Photo by Pascal Ray (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)



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