Book Review: NOS4A2 a Novel by Joe Hill

NOS4A2 are the numbers of a license plate at the top
NOS4AS by Joe Hill

Vic’s beleaguered dad always calls her Brat. Feel what Vic feels when she rides her new bicycle through a covered bridge that no longer exists — except in her inscape. Like calling a Uber, the shorter way bride is there when she needs to find things or people.

NOS4AS is Joe Hill’s third novel of four. He has also written some graphic books, anthologies of short novels and short stories. Hill comes from a family of authors Stephen and Tabitha King are his parents. Hill even credits Tabitha King for convincing him to make the ending better.

On one of Vic’s bridge-scapes she meets Maggie, the librarian in Here, Iowa. Like Vic uses her bicycle a vehicle into a different reality, Maggie uses Scrabble squares to get information. In their meeting, Maggie tells Vic that they travel to their inscapes in much the same way but for different reasons. Then she tells her about another inscape traveler: Charlie Manx

Manx is on a quest to save children from their mothers who choose lifestyles that he determines immoral or degenerate. He enlists a gullable assistant named Bing because Bing has access to an endless supply sevoflurane¬†gas. It’s a paralyzing date-rape gas usually used by dentists.

On Vic’s last inscape as a child, she almost gets burned alive in her attempt to rescue a child out of the back seat of Manx’s Rolls-Royce Wraith. The Wraith has a license plate of NOS4A2. Now it’s a story of retribution for Manx even after his death. Now Vic has a child of her own: Bruce¬†Wayne. Manx overpowers Vic as she tries to prevent her son’s eventual kidnapping. Now it’s time for Mama Bear to take to her bridge again.

NOS4AS is my second Joe Hill Novel. It was just as captivating as The Fireman, his latest novel. I enjoyed reading this epic work of almost 700 pages. NOS4A2 is a horror story that borders on Science Fiction. I had some difficulty understanding how a person’s inscape could accommodate passengers if the whole thing were supposed to be an altered reality. I struggle with some science fiction concepts, so this one left me a little flat.



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