Your not Pro-Life, You’re Pro-Birth

The underlying values of the Pro-Birth crowd are based on male supremacy. We need to consider a woman to be more than a capsule to deliver a child. The Pro-Birthers seem to have few answers for how the woman is going to support this child for the next 18 years.

According to an observation in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, a reduction is abortion restrictions due to Roe vs. Wade in 1973 may have lead to a drop in crime in the 90s.

Inevitably many Pro-Birthers respond by saying life is more critical than social-economic predicaments. An issue is when two opposing viewpoints on a concept or policy can be held by educated people on both sides of the argument. I concede to the so-called Pro-Life crowd’s beliefs about when life begins. But, I ask them to consider the latest demand put on women seeking an abortion in my home state of Missouri.

  • It’s bad enough that Missouri only has one abortion facility in the entire state that takes almost a whole day to drive across.
  • It’s bad enough that Missouri requires a 72-hour waiting period, which adds to the cost of lost wages, lodging, or another drive.

Last Week, Missouri’s Director of Health and Senior Services added cruel and unusual punishment to women considering an abortion.

The Rachel Maddow Show’s Special Report revealed that the doctors at Planned Parenthood in St. Louis Missouri must perform a pelvic exam during the pre-counseling session. Even though it would not be required if the abortion is done with a pill. If there is a procedure to be performed, the pelvic exam would typically be done at that time.

The pelvic exam is a painful and invasive thing to go through. One of the doctors interviewed on the Rachel Maddow Special Report called it “State-Sanctioned sexual abuse.” Surely, those Pro-Lifers that are compassionate. They would stand side by side with the Pro-Choice crowd to demand this medically unnecessary procedure addressed as punishment.

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